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Know exactly who's watching your commercials!

A modern solution of marketing tasks
— Video analytics service

Thorough analysis of the audience that is in front of the camera

Content update and correction

Targeted content display

When there is a person or group of people within a radius of up to 20 feet, the program records automatically.
In a few seconds, the webcam analyzes the gender, age and emotional state of the.audience that is in front of the monitor.
Targeted content is displayed automatically according to previously set parameters. For example, when a man or a woman appears in front of the camera, the system will select various options for the display of content.

Extensive use

For small and medium-sized businesses: retailers, franchisees, shopping center owners.
For marketers and merchandisers.
For advertising & marketing agencies.

What is video analytics?
We explain in less then two minutes


Calculating pedestrian traffic
Determining the gender, age, and emotions of the client
Product Appeal Assessment
Customer behavior analysis
Targeted advertising display
Viewing statistics online
Adjustment of content based on statistics
Generating and providing customer data and number of views to the customer in one click.
How does emotion recognition work?
Significant advantages of the system
Thorough audience analysis
Individual content strategy
Identifying what products are attractive to the customer
Targeted content display → increase in sales
Improving the quality of interaction with the advertiser
Flexible service use combined with other SeenLabs products
How does a trigger video work?
Video analytics services were created to meet current business needs. Rapid growth rates in retail and customer expansion resulted in a demand for new technologies. A new high-quality, easy-to-use tool was necessary for marketing purposes, one that did not require serious money investments and covered most of the key tasks. Video analytics services are this tool.
Possible uses and costs
Video analytics
Video analytics as a stand alone service*
from $20/mon
+ Digital Signage Software
Video analytics in combination with digital signage system**
from $38/mon
+ Digital Table-tent
Video analytics in strong tandem with digital signage and modern touchscreen device
from $45/mon
* Based on Seemetrix
** Based on NoviSign
Reasons to get our service
Integrated approach
  • Initial consultation: detailed explanation of the service.
  • Finding the solution that meets the client's needs.
  • Providing access to the system demo-version.
  • Free installation and launch of the service.
Tailor-made solution
Qualified advice regarding the equipment which best suits your request.
Support, warranty and efficiency
  • Comprehensive after-sales advice and technical support.
  • Guaranteed purchase of a licensed cloud product.
  • Installation of the service within 24 hours!
Know your client by sight!