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Enhancing Digital Scheduling with Updated Calendar Widget

Streamline your scheduling with advanced features like real-time data, enhanced customization, and user-friendly interface.

SeenLabs is set to revolutionize the way professionals manage their schedules with the latest update to the calendar widget, which will be launched on May 13, 2024. This new version offers an intuitive and powerful tool for digital displays, designed to make scheduling and event management as straightforward as possible.


Streamlined Configuration

The initial setup of the widget has been greatly simplified, allowing users to easily select their preferred calendar service and adjust the styling to meet their specific needs. This enhancement significantly reduces the setup time and makes the widget more user-friendly.


Authentic Display of Information

One of the major upgrades includes the widget’s capability to show actual calendar data instead of placeholder demo data. This feature provides users with a more authentic and useful display, showing real-time information that is crucial for effective planning and scheduling.


Improved Interface and Experience

The updated widget features a better user interface and experience, facilitating the sharing of meeting room availability within organizations. It supports the management of multiple calendars, displaying them on large screens in communal areas to aid in coordination and communication.

Updated Calendar Widget - 1

Compatibility with Major Calendar Services

The widget supports a variety of calendar services, including Google and Outlook, as well as integration options through API and CSV links. This compatibility ensures that users can seamlessly continue using their existing systems without needing adjustments.


Customization and Professional Design

New professional templates have been added to the widget, offering both light and dark modes to match different user preferences and corporate styles. These templates allow for extensive customization, including the choice of calendar views, event colors, and fonts.

Updated Calendar Widget - 4

Centralized Control Panel

All settings for the widget can now be managed from a side control panel, which simplifies adjustments and account management. This centralized panel enhances the user experience by making it easier to navigate and customize the widget according to specific requirements.



The upcoming release of this enhanced calendar widget by SeenLabs signifies a step forward in digital signage technology. By streamlining the management of schedules and improving the display of information, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. The widget is poised to improve how organizations handle their planning needs, adding a layer of efficiency and customization that will benefit users greatly.

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