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Advertising LED panel for the top of the car

Let the whole city see your ads!
— Mobile advertisement

Advertising in the right place at the right time

The LED panel installed on top of the car is connected to a remote content management system. The power source is the car battery. Depending on the area, time of the day, or day of the week, the panel can diisplay different content.
Ultra-bright LED display
Content Management System Compatibility
Synchronization with geolocation
Targeted advertising update

Clear advantages of the system

Because of its unlimited options to present products: high definition images, dynamic content change, the system can meet the needs of the advertiser.

Versatility of the system

Easy to install and maintain

Wide audience coverage

The system does not require continuous maintenance. No special equipment is needed to install the device. A SeenLabs specialist will install the LED panel and give instructions on how to operate it correctly.
Targeted advertising attracts a large number of specific clients and advertisers. Your audience is as big as the size of your fleet of cars and their movement range.

Stability of operation

The LED panel and the mechanism to attach it to the top of the car have a reliable and robust design that guarantees a stable image regardless of the conditions of the road.

Resistance to external influences

The device is shockproof, moisture/wind and frost proof. The LED panel is resistant to temperature changes. All these properties guarantee the quality and durability of the system.

Remote Control

The selection of the content that will be displayed on the LED panel, and broadcast control are done via remote access from one center.

Adaptive Brightness

The brightness of the display changes according to the time of day, adapting to the light conditions. → Consistently high image quality is guaranteed.

Customized settings

You can customize the display parameters of a particular banner/roll. Time and/or place can be used as targets. That way, a network of coffee shops can advertise coffee and croissants in morning hours and appetizing dishes for lunch or exclusive recipes from the chef in the daytime.

Profitable financial investment

This device gives you the great and very profitable opportunity of creating your own advertising channel. Advertise your partners' products and make profit 24/7! That's right, non-stop, ready to work LED-panels ready to instal on your fleet!
Increase the brightness and dynamism of your advertising!
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How it works?

  1. Install the LED panel on top of the car;
  2. Connect it to a power supply (car battery);
  3. Monitor the advertising content remotely;
  4. Advertising changes automatically according to the target.
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Move from outdated forms of advertising on car tops and steer in the right direction!