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Digital Signage

  • A modern way of communicating with the audience using screens that display your content.
  • A fast and easy way of turning any screen into an eye-catching dynamic sign.
  • Cloud-based software to create branded broadcast.
  • Real time interaction and communication with the customers.
  • A convenient and reliable tool for managing a network of screens located remotely.

What is Digital Signage?
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Business Value

Cloud-based subscription software (SaaS) for creating and managing content on geographically distributed screens. It will help you create your own broadcast channel.

Software that creates digital signage broadcasts content on TV screens. Content variations are endless: social network posts, news via RSS-channels, corporate information for employees, pictures, slides, photos, videos and much more. You can display all this on one or more screens simultaneously.
Схема облачного программирования
Customize your content to meet your business needs.
Really simple system management; the content does update in a couple of the clicks.
Ease to Use
Timeliness in broadcasting information that is strategically significant for you.
Just in Time
Digital screen is an additional way for your advertising.
Ad Channel
Visual communications are the most effective way to engage and persuade.
Add content from popular sources (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
No additional costs when updating content, unlike non-digital signage.
Full compliance with a brand book. Your corporate identity is on each screen.
Brandbook Identity
is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your target audience. It allows you to attract more viewers than Facebook or online advertising.
Digital Signage

Work on any screen

  • Any screen is a potential digital broadcast for content that you find relevant;
  • Every multimedia monitor is a powerful tool for interacting with your audience;
  • A standard office projector is a multifunctional channel for advertising, information and entertainment.
Turn your screens into modern tools to interact with your customers effectively!
Scheme of work
  1. The intelligent system is in the cloud.
  2. The equipment is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  3. The devices are connected via HDMI cable to the screen or a group of screens via a signal splitter.
  4. The Control Panel can be accessed from any browser.
Схема работы
The device is suitable for any screen with HDMI input.
Connect the device
The convenient content management system makes it easy to create and edit.
Set up applications
Manage and update content on the screens with just a couple of clicks.
Display Content
— Apps & Widgets

Create and edit digital content easily

The online editor is available on any computer anytime you need it. In order to create dynamic and diverse content, you can use built-in widgets, such as slide shows, banners and videos, Instagram and Facebook, weather and news, polls, etc.

Text, ticker line, geometric shapes
Photos, banners, videos, slideshows
YouTube, weather, news, URL
Voting, queue, timer, interactive
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Use over 20 widgets to customize your content.
Drag&Drop widgets
Check your content before you start broadcasting.
Change playlists according to the venue.
Arrange the order of the broadcasts by moving the desired object to the playlist.
Manage playlists: choose the format of the content and the end time of display.
Choose the order and time of display that is convenient to you,
Time of display
Control devices remotely. Obtain reports of content performance and display statistics.
Solve any issues with helpful video instructions, workshops, webinars.
What is included in the media player pack?
Wi-Fi dongle
AC adapter
HDMI cable
Wi-Fi антена
Адаптер питания
HDMI кабель