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Digital Signage
Content management systems for hundreds of geographically remote screens. These systems are able to configure the type of content being displayed and the time in which playlists are displayed.
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Video Analytics
Analysis of the audience that pass by the webcam at a distance of 5-6 meters. Video Analytics show anonymous age and gender group data, recognize facial expressions of emotion, and also register the time and number of views of a particular video.
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Digital Table-tents
Multimedia table-tents to replace traditional paper POS materials. A wide range of functionalities that help create complex UI/UX in the online editor. The elegant shape of the device will look great in any interior.
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Photocell-based hand sanitizer station with digital screen. This mobile device can be easily transported and installed in any venue.
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Roof-top Ad
Roof-top LED panel for any vehicle. It is connected to a remote content management system. Depending on the location and time, it can display different types of content.
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