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Digital Table-tent

A new way for you to communicate with your client!
— Touchscreen station

Great functionality in a minimalistic design

To replace A4 paper and traditional Tabel Tents
The Digital TableTent is one of a kind. It combines an interactive station with the possibility of updating content remotely, and a video analytics tool. It is a unique tool for displaying advertising and promotional content.

Unique digital tool

Simplicity and convenience

Integration with other systems

No special digital knowledge is required to use this device. The principle of operation is simple and intuitive: a personal office contains an online content editor and preset design templates.
The device can be used in an extended version: in integration with digital signage system and/or video analytics. It is also possible to duplicate the image displayed of the table-tent on an external screen via HDMI cable

Versatile analytics

When content management and video analytics systems work together, the device analyzes various audience parameters. When a person appears within a radius of up to 6 meters, the system accumulates information about their age and gender identity and mood. The device records the client's contact with the touch screen → generates data on the frequency of views of a particular video/banner → summarizes information about popular products and services in the personal office.

Contactless communication channel

Information that is presented brightly, expressively, and dynamically on a table-tent can replace the client's personal contact with your employee. While the client waits for the administrator, the office manager or a consultant, he will see the most trending content!

Elegant design

Stylish and minimalistic, this modern device goes perfectly with any interior and will attract your guest's attention!

Touch screen

Touchscreen and info-station systems allow the clients to find the information they are interested in and see the video/banner that has attracted their attention several times.

Multi-level user menu

The individual interface of the device has no additional development applications for Android and IOS. The multi-level menu has a convenient user feedback function.

Digital Table-Tent is a system with unlimited potential to convey information. The only limit to the amount of content you show and the way of doing it is what you request.

Functionality. Mobility. Practicality.

New high-quality format to communicate with the client
Informs the client of promotions, discounts, and special offers
Cloud builder for creating UI/UX (interface)
Announces important information about products/services
Bright presentation of novelty, bestseller, targeted products
Immediate content update

For businesses of all sizes

  • Install Table-tents in the reception area, lobby hall, bar counter or guest's table;

  • Get useful information about hotel services;

  • Work up your guest's appetite by displaying attractive exotic dishes!

Hotel & Restraunt

GYM, SPA & Beauty Industry

Business and Finance

  • Place the Tabel-Tents on the reception desk, in the lobby or on the table in the healthy food bar.

  • Tell your guests about popular services and discounts.

  • Announce the achievements of the studio's leading masters with an entertaining video.

  • Place the Tabel-Tents in the strategic spots: on the counter in the reception area, in recreational areas, in the conference room, on the table of the consultant.

  • Inform the client about the company's new products and its achievments, and about the best course of action for business development.

  • Get your guest's attention with discreet commercials from your partners.

Device Features

Price = from $950/per device

Screen - 15.6inch TFT LCD
Resolution - 1920x1080
Ratio of sides - 16:9
Brightness - 300cd/m
Response time - 25ms

USB 2.0 (x2), HDMI (x1),
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SD-card.
Power - DC 12V

Operating System - Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17, 1.8GHz
Android 7.0
DDR3 - 2GB
Flash - 8GB

Manufacturing material - metal case with an aluminum contour
Color - black/silver

Possible uses and costs

Table-tent with built-in remote content management system
Perfect for modernizing customer communication
from $20/mo.
+ Video Analytics
Ideal for complex marketing tasks
from $45/mo.
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Integrated approach
  • Initial consultation: detailed explanation of how the device works.
  • Unique method of use: Table-tent+ digital signage + video analytics. The offer has no analogues at the market!
Tailor-made solution
  • Advice regarding the equipment which best suits your request.
  • Providing the device for real-life test operation.
  • Free installation and starting up the device!
Support, warranty and efficiency
  • Comprehensive after-sales advice and technical support.
  • One year warranty as long as the rules of usage are observed
  • Installation of service within 24 hours!
Take the communication with your client to a new level!