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SeenLabs — experts in the selection and implementation of content management systems on multimedia screens (Digital signage)

Our creative department will help you create content and develop a display strategy to fit your business objectives. Our job is finding solutions for your tasks!
Content management
Our experts provide advise and thorough after-sales support so that you can use the product most effectively.
After-sales support
Providing you with a comfortable working environment is important for us. Despite successfully integrating dozens of international and local applications and widgets, we are constantly working on attracting new content sources.
Localization and adaptation
We have our own redundant communication channels to ensure your DS systems work smoothly in case your local ISP blocked AWS ip subnets by mistake .
Private servers
We provide free technical support for the entire period of cooperation. The technical support providers answer your requests quickly and are available by phone / e-mail / messengers, which is very convinient.
Technical support
We partner with leading suppliers and manufacturers of professional screens. This means you can be sure that you have the most modern and efficient multimedia screens.


Decision method
Decision method
Having a single screen management tool
The screens are connected to the cloud platform by a microcomputer (player). It is possible to use one or several screens via a signal splitter. The whole network of monitors is controlled from one point.
All screens are remotely controlled from a single personal cabinet, available 24/7.
Making changes to the current playlist quickly
Downloading individual and combined files is allowed. There are unlimited versions of file sequences. You can make adjustments to the playlists in a few clicks at any time.
Content is downloaded and updated in a few seconds.
Setting the time when content is broadcast
The individual broadcast time settings depend on the current tasks. It is possible to set the time when a banner or video will be displayed. It can be at certain hours during the day, week, or month. You have the convenient option of setting the time when you want to stop showing certain content. This includes its further removal from the library.
The option of setting the time when content is shown allows you to create the most efficient schedule.
Using modern applications and social networks to increase customer loyalty
Connecting a special application allows you to broadcast corporate content, interesting materials from social networks, and to display posts from the main account and hashtags.
The screen displays informative or entertaining information that you find relevand and the client finds useful.