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Device to post content + Sensor Dispenser

Two tasks, one solution!
— Hand sanitizer station
The upper part –
Digital display
Optional: touchscreen to find information of interest + camera video analytics
The lower part –
Antiseptic device working on a photocell
Full HD 1080p
Thin borders
Automatic feed
Multifunctional information station
Convenient non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser
IR thermometer
Touch screen with multi-level interface
Modern Content Management System
Built-in camera for video analytics
Advantages of the device:
simple, elegant, efficient

Timeliness and efficiency

Reliability and safety

Works without contact + when the photocell activates, an antibacterial agent is applied to the hands. It eliminates the risk of infection from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Integration with other systems

Using the device together with a digital signage system makes it a multifunctional kiosk for displaying information, entertainment and commercial content;

Connecting the unit with a video analytics system enhances its ability to contact the audience in front of the digital screen.


Thanks to the device's simple design is possible to install it and move it in different places;

Thanks to its simple and convenient mechanism, the antiseptic can be replaced easily and quickly.
This device is equipped with disinfectant, which quickly and effectively solves an acute concern of modern reality: personal hygiene.
Areas of use
Medical Facilities
Educational Institutions
Install a digital station with antiseptic in the entryways, indoors, in popular places where people gather.
GYMs & Beauty Industry
Hospitality Industry
Offices & Banks

Device Features

Wall Mounting

21.5" screen
1080p resolution
Photo cell of the dispenser
Easy cartridge replacement
Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)

10 point touchscreen
LCD/LED backlighting
Floor stand

Floor Mounting

21.5" touchscreen screen
1080p resolution
Photo cell of the dispenser
Easy cartridge replacement
Cloud CMS
Installing third party APKs

Infrared thermometer
Camera for video analytics
Embedded printer
Android 4.4/6.0
3G/4G support
Branding of the structure
Choose the option that suits you the most
Device with antiseptic
Intelligent solution in our modern reality: info station + disinfectant
from $1050/pcs.
+ Video Analytics
Ideal option for multitasking: any type of content + audience analysis + disinfectant
from $38/mon.
*** Available in 2 designs: wall or floor.
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