Complete Guide to Using SeenLabs Digital Signage - Setup and Management

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Step 1: Getting Started with SeenLabs Digital Signage

Logging into Your Account

Begin by accessing the SeenLabs digital signage management platform. Navigate to the SeenLabs login page, where you will enter your credentials.

This platform is the central hub for all your digital signage needs, allowing you to manage and update your content efficiently.

Once logged in, you'll see a clean interface topped with a white navigation bar. The SeenLabs logo is prominently displayed on the left, adjacent to essential management tabs such as "Creatives," "Playlists," and "Screens."

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Step 2: Managing Creatives

Using the Creatives Dashboard

After logging in, click on the "Compose" button in the "Creatives" tab to start creating your content. This tab is your workspace for designing and organizing the building blocks of your digital displays.

You'll find a white top bar just right of the SeenLabs logo with tabs labeled "CREATIVES," "PLAYLISTS," and "SCREENS." Below these, a series of functional buttons including "New Creative," "Media Library," and "New Folder" are laid out to assist you in managing your media files efficiently. Each button serves a specific purpose:

  • New Creative: Opens the Creative Composer to design new content.
  • Media Library: Upload and access your stored videos and images.
  • New Folder: Helps in organizing your creatives into folders.
  • Edit, Duplicate, Delete: Allows for modification or removal of existing creatives.
  • Sort and Filter: Helps in locating specific creatives quickly.
  • View: Toggle between thumbnail and list views for better visual management of your creatives.
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Step 3: Template Selection and Customization

Creating from Templates

  • In the "Creatives" tab, select the "Create from Template" button to utilize predefined or blank templates. Here, you can choose a template that suits your needs or start from scratch for more customized content.
  • Once selected, the Creative Composer interface will load. Enter a name and description for your new creative. You can change the orientation and aspect ratio of your content by selecting from the drop-down menu that defaults to "16:9," providing various template options based on your chosen settings.
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Step 4: Creative Composer Deep Dive

Designing Your Content

SeenLabs Creative Composer is a powerful tool that enables you to build engaging content for your signage. It features:

  • Drag & Drop Widgets: More than 20 feature icons available on the left-hand side that can be dragged onto the canvas.
  • Canvas: The main area where you add and arrange your widgets.
  • Properties Box: Adjust settings for each widget on the right panel.
  • Preview: Offers a brief preview of the content created. To design your content, drag a widget from the selection and drop it onto the canvas. Adjust its size and settings via the properties box. Use the "Preview" button to check your work before saving.
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Step 5: Playlist Creation

Scheduling and Organizing Playlists

Navigate to the "PLAYLISTS" tab to manage how your creatives are displayed. Here you can:

  • New Playlist: To create a sequence of content.
  • Edit, Delete, Duplicate: Manage existing playlists.
  • Order and Scheduling: Change the order by dragging creatives, schedule specific times for display, or set expiration dates. Playlists allow for detailed scheduling and arrangement, giving you control over when and how your content is displayed.
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Step 6: Deploying Content to Screens

Screen Management and Content Deployment

In the "SCREENS" tab, you can add new screens or manage existing ones. This tab simulates the physical setup of your screens:

  • New Screen: Add a new screen to your network.
  • Edit, Delete, Duplicate: Modify or manage your screens.
  • Configuration: Adjust settings like group configurations or specific parameters for each screen.
  • Deployment: Assign playlists to screens and manage their display settings.
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Step 7: Setting Up Media Players

Final Steps in Digital Signage Setup

  • Choose a suitable media player (Android, Chrome OS, Windows) and connect it to your display via HDMI.
  • Download and install the SeenLabs media player app on your device, log into your SeenLabs account, and link the device to the designated screen through the "Screens" tab.
  • Assign the desired playlists to your screen and finalize the setup by clicking "Create."

Your content is now ready to be displayed, pulled directly from the cloud to your media player.


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