Rooftop LED Device User Manual - Installation & Setup Guide

rooftop led device

Step 1: Indoor Testing

Tools Required:

  • LED Screen
  • Test Power Supply
  • Test Power Supply Cable
  • Cross Screwdriver
  • Multimeter

Installation Steps:

  1. Connect the Power Supply: Use the screwdriver to securely connect the test power supply to the power cable.
  2. Attach the LED Screen: Connect the LED screen to the power cable using the screwdriver.
  3. Power Supply Activation: Turn on the test power supply to initiate the system.
  4. Current and Voltage Testing: Use the multimeter to measure the current and voltage of the power supply and LED screen to ensure they are operating within safe parameters.

Step 2: Cloud Platform Binding

Software Setup:

  1. Download LEDOK: Access the software from LEDOK Download which integrates with the TAXIHUB for extended functionalities.
  2. Configure Network: Set up the SIM card network within the LEDOK software. A monthly data plan of at least 5GB is recommended to accommodate content traffic.
  3. Cloud Platform Integration: Bind your device with the TAXIHUB Cloud Platform TAXIHUB Platform for remote management.

Step 3: Outdoor Installation

Installation Overview:

  • Place the device ratings on the unit, connect all necessary wires, and mount the device on the car's roof.
  • Attach the wire connections to the car battery and install the required fuse jumpers.
  • Use a voltmeter to ensure all connections are secure and correctly configured.

Step 4: Rooftop CMS Interface

Using the CMS:

Quick overview of the Content Management System operations and how to manage digital content effectively through the interface.

For further assistance and more detailed information, visit the SeenLabs rooftop LED product page


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