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CMS Operation Manual

Rooftop Hub Platform - 1

Account Management

1.1. Account Registration

  • Open the Vehicle HUB platform login interface using a Google browser.
  • Click “Registration” and select Mail register.
  • Enter a valid email address, set a password, and complete the registration by clicking “Registration”.

1.2. Account Management

  • After logging in, click the account button at the top right.
  • Select “Download vehicle access certificate” to download the necessary .ic file for binding the LED controller to your account.
  • Use the .ic file with LEDOK express software for hardware binding.
  • Click “Update Details” for recent updates and “User Information” to reset passwords.
  • Logout by clicking the “Logout” button.
Rooftop Hub Platform registration

Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is your command center, providing quick access to all critical functions and real-time data visualization.

2.1. Status Bar

  • Displays real-time stats such as the number of car screens active, online ratio, and offline terminal count.
  • Provides an option to download an Excel document showing offline terminal IDs.

2.2. Function Bar

  • Home Page: This area displays timely notifications and visual analytics, such as pie charts and column charts, which represent online, offline, and ungrouped terminal statuses and advertisement playtimes over the last week.
  • Car Screen: This feature allows users to access specific car screen settings where they can adjust settings and view real-time data on advertisement displays.
Rooftop Hub Platform Dashboard

Map and Terminal Control

3.1. Map Functionality

  • View real-time location, trajectory, and more detailed tracking information of selected vehicles.
  • Utilize query functions for historical data up to the last 7 days.

3.2. Terminal Control

3.2.1. Tree Menu

  • Access terminal management by clicking “Tree Menu”.
  • Navigate through the list of terminals and groups.

3.2.2. Newly Built

Create a new terminal group by clicking “Newly Built”, entering a group name, and saving.

3.2.3. Ungrouped

Manage terminals that are not assigned to any group under “Ungrouped”.

3.2.4. New Group

  • Manage grouped terminals, viewing ad quantities and settings.
  • Adjust group settings as needed.
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Rooftop Hub Platform - 5

Advertising Management

This section covers the tools and processes for creating, managing, and deploying advertising content.

4.1 Content Creation and Deployment

  • Group-specific Advertising: Tailor your content to specific groups within your fleet to target different audiences or regions.
  • Location-based Advertising: Deploy ads that are triggered when a vehicle enters a predefined geographic area, enhancing relevance and viewer engagement.
  • Bulk Management Tools: Efficiently manage large-scale deployments with tools designed to handle extensive networks of displays.

4.2. Add Ads

Go to “Release By Grouping” and click “Add Ads” to introduce new advertisements into the system.
  • Release By Fixed Point: Use “Release By Fixed Point” to assign ads to specific geographic locations.
  • Release By Quantity: Manage large-scale ad releases through “Release By Quantity”, setting parameters for multiple terminals simultaneously.
Rooftop Hub Platform Advertising Management

System Configuration and Maintenance

  • Screenshot and Screen Settings: Capture live content or configure screen settings like brightness and switching schedules through the terminal interface.
  • Parameter Configuration: Adjust system parameters like NTP server address, time zone, and more for synchronization and efficient operations.
  • Hardware and System Maintenance: Monitor hardware status, perform system restarts, and manage volume through detailed control settings.
  • Online Updates and Maintenance: Update system software and manage installations or uninstallations of applications.
Rooftop Hub Platform System Configuration

User Management

6.1. Add User

Create new user profiles by navigating to “User Management” and selecting “Add User”.


6.2. Bind Terminal

Bind specific terminals to user accounts for personalized management.
Rooftop Hub Platform User Managment

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