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Unlock the potential of video analytics with SeenLabs, starting at $20/month. Dive into actionable insights for optimized content and targeted engagement, fueling growth with AI-powered precision. Elevate your business strategy in a rapidly expanding market.

With an expanding market projected to reach $20.80 billion by 2027, video analytics justify investment through metrics that optimize marketing efforts and video monetization. The service, ideal for various industries, offers personalized digital signage messages and advanced surveillance, making it a pivotal tool for data-driven decisions and customer engagement.

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Audience Insights

Audience Insights

Deep analysis for tailored content strategies.

Content Personalization

Content Personalization

Strategies based on customer interests to boost sales.

Cross-Product Synergy

Cross-Product Synergy

Flexible integration with other SeenLabs offerings.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics

Measures pedestrian flow for demographic insights.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Identifies customer emotions, enhancing targeted marketing.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

Evaluates customer actions for optimized advertising.

Real-Time Stats

Real-Time Stats

Online viewing statistics for immediate content adjustment.

Instant Data

Instant Data

Quick generation of customer engagement metrics.


Strategic Insights via Emotion Analysis

Discover how emotion recognition can revolutionize sales, product development, advertising, customer experience, and market research. By analyzing consumer reactions, businesses can identify appealing product features, optimize advertising campaigns, enhance customer interactions, and gain deep market insights to drive strategy and engagement.


Real-Time Emotion-Triggered Content

Triggered Video technology leverages cloud-based facial recognition to present real-time, emotion-driven digital signage, offering viewers highly personalized and engaging content based on gender and emotional response. This innovative approach enhances audience engagement by delivering tailored content that resonates with their current feelings and reactions.


Product Development

To analyze customer reactions to prototypes or new products, providing valuable insights into which features or design elements are most appealing to consumers.


To analyze the emotional response of consumers to advertising campaigns, helping to identify which elements of the campaign are most effective at generating positive emotions and engagement.

Customer Experience

To analyze the emotions of customers as they interact with a company's products or services, helping to identify any issues that may be affecting the customer experience and how to improve it.

Market Research

To analyze the emotions of consumers participating in focus groups or other market research activities, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.


Elevate Engagement with Bundled Solutions

Seamlessly blend SeenLabs' video analytics with digital signage and table-tents to unlock new levels of customer engagement and insights, fostering a dynamic and responsive business environment.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics

from $20/mo

Video analytics as a stand alone service*

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digital table-tent

Triple bundle based on Table-tent

from $45/mo

Video analytics in strong tandem with digital signage and modern touchscreen device

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